UV-C Light 38W Sterilization Lamp Germicidal Light

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UV-C Light 38W Sterilization Lamp Germicidal Light

Power: 38W
Item No. 38W-UV
Voltage: 110Vac
Use area: 430 sq.ft
360° all round sterilization
Control Method: Timer
30m remote control
Wavelength: 253.7nm
Housing Color: Black

Packing List:
Germicidal light *1
Manual *1
Remote controller *1
Carton + foam, safe for packaging and transportation

1.When people or pets enter the lamps working area it will turn off auotomatically, and 45 seconds later will turn on automatically Safety Protection. 
2.Press ON/OFF UV light will star to work after 10 seconds, after 45min it will turn off automatically. 
3.Time set up for 15 mins, 30mins, 30 mins by pressing 15min/30min/60min buttons.

The FAQs:
Q: How To Use?
A: When the power is switched on, the lamp is in standby mode, the red power light above the ON/OFF key flashes and the buzzer will beep once, indicating that the pairing with the remote controller was successful, the red power light is always on in standby mode.

Q: How does ultraviolet (UV) sterilization work?
A: Being the most powerful and rapidly-acting oxidizing agent on earth, ozone is the best killer of destructive, disease-causing organisms. It has even been proven that ozone kills cancer cells upon contact! Other healing mechanisms of ozone include:Inactivation of bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast, and protozoa Stimulation of oxygen metabolism.Activation of the immune system.Ozone is successful in fighting illnesses because it goes directly into the body’s cells!

Q: Where to use the UV-C lamp?
A: The UV-C lamp is suitable for indoor applications and for rooms up to 40m², including: hospitals, households, classrooms, cloakrooms, offices and other rooms where people stay every day. In households, the sterilization lamp is particularly suitable for kitchens, home offices, toilets and other rooms susceptible to the presence of pathogens.

Q: What to look for when disinfecting with ultraviolet (UV)?
A: Before use, one should remember that the radiation emitted by the lamp has a similar effect to sunlight and will cause fading of colors exposed to its direct action. After UV sterilization, it is rec- ommended to ventilate the room before using it.

Q: How often should I use UV-C?
A: Normally, use it 1-2 times a week. In the case of particular risk of exposure to pathogens, you can use the lamp more often, but be sure to take all precautions.

Q: How long can the lamp be used?
A: The lifespan of the bulb in the UV-C lamp is 8,000 hours. When using the lamp 24 hours a day, the bulb should be changed after one year. When using 12 hours a day exchange the bulb after every 1 years. When using the lamp for one hour a day, the bulb only needs to be exchanged after 20 years! The products are covered by a one-year warranty (except for damage caused by the user, including primarily mechanical damage to the lamp or bulb).

Q: What are the white dots in the bulb?
A: Over time, small white particles may appear inside the tube of the ultraviolet (UV) sterilizing bulb. They are chemical compounds. There are much less of them than in a regular fluorescent lamp. The principle of ultraviolet sterilization lamp operation is to stimulate the evaporation of chemical compounds in the lamp tube to emit UV-C light. There may be small particles inside the radiator, which is normal and does not affect its use.

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